Solace 16 XL

The Solace 16 XL handles like a sports car, but carries a load like a pick-up truck! The Solace 16 XL "Extra" is beautiful, rugged, fast, and as ready as you are for fun and adventure. 

Beginner paddlers love the sense of security, stability, maneuverability and speed, while intermediate and expert paddlers reel in the exhilaration of the performance of the sleekly sculpted hull. The low deck at the rear of the cockpit allows rolling the kayak with ease. 

Paddlers 5’ 3” to 6’ 3” from 105 lbs to 225 lbs can easily maneuver their favorite river, lake or ocean with confidence in this boat.  Settling into the roomy cockpit is like coming home. With the Solace 16 XL,  you’ll be ready for any adventure that you can plan.  

For greater safety & convenience, there are double bulkheads behind the cockpit, allowing for the installation of an optional day hatch.  If the day hatch is not needed,  the second bulkhead can simply be left out when completing the final bulkhead installation.

Note: The round black day hatch cover, being an option is an extra cost, so when placing an order for this kit please ask for hatch kit number 6BLK-S/S.

Dimensions: 16' long; 23.75” beam

Weight: ~40 lbs 

Standard Cockpit: 31"x17-5/8"

Large Cockpit: 34-1/4"x18-1/2"

Build time: 90 hours


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