Explorer 16 Canoe

The Explorer 16 is a beautiful stitch and glue canoe which is a great family boat for day use and for taking out on longer trips.

The high volume hull of this beauty will hold a payload of about 700 lbs. It has a shallow vee bottom and a four panel multi-chine hull. This makes the canoe exceptionally stable, while still being highly maneuverable when running your favourite river.

The Explorer 16 comes with some unique features. The seats are a tractor style inspired seat which are nicely contoured to improve the paddlers comfort. The seats can easily be removed if not needed or can be adjustable to move up to 12", improving versatility. The front seat can even be turned around for paddling as a single. 

The ultra light stitch and glue carrying yoke that is included with this kit is very comfortable, allowing an easier portage when necessary.

There are removable 6” airtight ports at each end of the canoe which provide approximately 300 lbs of combined flotation and a dry place to store valuables.

Less experienced paddlers may wish to add a keel (not included in the kit) to the exterior of the hull to assist the tracking in standing water. 


Dimensions: 16’ long 35” beam

Weight: 59 lbs

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