Solace Series

The Solace series has four chines to give the hull superior shaping over other multi chine hulls.  People visiting our showroom are always amazed at these sleek, finely tuned hulls.   

A greater number of chines results in narrower panel widths, resulting in less deflection and greater strength than a similarly weighted and sized hull.  The rounder hull of these boats displaces impact throughout, resulting in better strength than a hull with defined corners. 

If you enjoy wilderness traveling, these are great all round kayaks that specialize in performance. 

Solace EX Series

If you’re looking for a speedy escape into nature AND a boat that will turn heads on a Sunday paddle, then you will want one of the Solace “Extreme” series kayaks.

The "EX" stands for “EXTREME”, and we have pulled out all the stops to blend just the right lengths, beams and shapes to yield three truly high performance, touring kayaks. Just add water to these floating rockets and you will be amazed at the smooth acceleration, outstanding stability, excellent tracking, and carrying capacity of these unique craft!

Not only are they functional boats, but some have described these boats as the worlds most beautiful kayaks! The design of the Solace EX series has a very unique profile but each aspect was carefully crafted to optimize performance. They have a flared bow, and v-shaped fore decks which were designed to shed water and keep you dry.

Experienced paddlers know that comfort plays a major role in the performance of any touring kayak.  With this in mind, this series was designed with an upswept fore deck to provide more leg and foot room. They also have a lower aft deck to improve ease of rolling and their vertical stern increases the waterline length to aid in stability & improve the speed.