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Solace 18XL

The Solace 18XL “Expedition” is “the” kayak for anyone that wants to carry large loads.  Carrying everything you think necessary to be comfortable is possible in this boat.  If you have size 14 - 15 feet this is the only boat for you!  The roomy cockpit will allow you to change positions on those long trips.  You have come to expect the very best hull shaping available, from a Waters Dancing kit and the 18XL delivers, her hull is beautiful and clean through the water. 

This fast paddling hull has a long waterline (208”) for it’s overall length (219”).  It has a carrying capacity of over 400 lbs.  The beautifully shaped upswept bow parts the waves and the v-shaped deck funnels water off quickly keeping you dry and comfortable.  Note the height of the deck at the rear of the cockpit.  If you want to roll, you can roll with comfort.

If you are 6’ 3” or over this boat was made with you in mind!

There are double bulkheads behind the cockpit; this allows you to install a day hatch (optional) for greater safety and convenience.  If the day hatch is not needed simply leave out the second bulkhead when you’re completing the final bulkhead installation.

Dimensions: 18’ 3” long; 24.25” beam

* Weight:50 lbs. (approximate)


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