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About Waters Dancing
Waters Dancing is a family owned business spanning five decades. It was established by my father in the 1950’s. Although he was an aeronautical draftsman, boat building was truly his life’s work.

My lifelong passion for the outdoors started early. On my seventh birthday my father gave me a kayak which he had made. It was 12’ long, canvas covered and painted blue. I loved to lie in it close to shore and watch the minnows swimming through the seaweed. Sometimes I created a sail for it with two branches and one of my dad’s shirts - sort of a “spinnaker with sleeves”.

I began my apprenticeship as a child, and have over thirty seven years experience in boat building and design. In the early days, we hand-lofted everything we designed. It took the best part of a year to do the designing, pattern making, prototyping, redesigning, building, manual writing, production and tooling to bring a boat kit to market. Now in collaboration with Brian Kendall, a professional engineer, using computers to design our boats, it takes approximately six months to complete the task. We use a computer-controlled router to cut parts to a repeatable accuracy of .003 of an inch. Between Brian and I, we have well over 80 years of design experience.

When I was a boy my grandfather drummed into me the belief that whatever I did should be done well; well enough that I would be proud to put my name on it.

I am proud to introduce to you our Waters Dancing Boat Kits.

Don Moore, 

Boat Designer and Builder

Waters Dancing (WD) designs blend functionality with beauty and performance, and are unsurpassed in the boat kit industry.

Our manuals are of unsurpassed quality approx. 150 pages with approx. 150 photographs and diagrams.

WD's attention to detail is unequalled, and our kits are of unmatched quality in the industry.

WD's manufacturing process produces state of the art CNC router cut panels with a repeatable accuracy of .003 of an inch.

We have produced kayak kits since the 1950s and produced North Americas first precision cut stitch and glue canoe kit in 1972.


It is our intention to make it possible for you to experience the deep fulfillment and satisfaction of wilderness travel -- a feeling that can only be gained while paddling a boat created with your own hands.

We have put together everything you will need to create a world-class craft. Settle into your own beautiful customized kayak, slip out onto the water and feel the deep sense of peace that comes from being at one with nature.