1.5 oz. Fiberglass Mat


A chopped strand reinforcing material
composed of chopped fiberglass of
various lengths randomly
dispersed to provide equal distribution in all directions, held together by a resin soluble binder. Chopped strand
mat is commonly used in laminates due to ease of wet out, the good bond provided between layers of woven roving
or cloth and is comparatively low in cost. Chopped strand mat is categorized by weight per square foot, has two
feathered edges and is sold by the running foot or in bulk by the kilogram in full rolls. Please contact us for a
quote on full rolls. Mat is used with Polyester resin. Caution: Contact with fibrous glass may cause temporary
irritation. Recommend long sleeved, loose fitting clothing when handling the material. Gloves and eye protection may
be appropriate in certain operations. Wash with soap and warm water after handling. A disposable mask designed for
nuisance-type dust is adviable where high dust levels may be encountered. When sanding fibreglass that has been
applied using epoxy resin, if the resin has been curing less than 7 days then a charcoal filter mask with dust
filters should be used. After epoxy resin has cured for 8 days the dust is inert and a regular dust mask can be