Lightning 14

The Lightning 14 is the perfect boat for day trips in standing water; and was designed for exploring winding creeks and rivers.  Though not as fast as the Lightning 17 and the Solace 16EX, she paddles beautifully in all conditions.  The smaller sister to our popular “Lightning 17”, this stable multi-chine kayak has similar positive tracking characteristics while at the same time is amazingly maneuverable. The lightning 14 features our exclusive QuickLock Connector System TM providing simple, attractive and very strong joints.  Beautifully contoured knee braces accent the “keyhole” cockpit design giving comfortable knee support for smaller paddlers, while 200 pounders will also find the spacious cockpit to their liking.  With two large hatches, the Lightning 14 is an excellent touring boat whether on open water or drifting down rivers with up to class III rapids.  At 35 lbs, this is a rugged performance boat that is easily car-topped and will carry weeks of gear.  I have paddled this boat in a wide range of situations and it’s becoming one of my favorites.

Dimensions: 14’ long; 24.5” beam

Weight: 35 lbs.