How to select your Kit

Choosing your Waters Dancing  kit:

Anuri 16:
  The Anuri 16 is a hard-chine with a modified v-shaped bottom, she carries large loads easily. A good choice for people from 5’ to 6’3” Max. load360 lbs. wearing men’s shoe size to 14 (Waterline in inches 174”)

Lightning 12TA:  Ultra maneuverability with great stability.  She turns on a dime and tracks well       for her length.  You have the option of building her as a  take-a-part or a one piece kayak.  Great           for kids up to 6’2” Max. load 250 lbs. with a men’s shoe size of up to 12. (Waterline in inches 139”)
Length of sections: bow 40 ½” center 56 ¼” stern 47 ½”.

Lightning 14:
  Designed for performance, this maneuverable craft is a great boat for those in the range of 5’1” to 6’ 3 Max. load 270 lbs. with a men’s shoe size of up to 12. (Waterline in inches 162.5”)

Lightning 17:  The L17 is a great all-round boat.  She’s fast and can carry lots of gear.  A good choice for people from 5’3” to 6’3” Max. load 340 lbs. wearing men’s shoe size to 12. The L17 is a strong tracker and turns where you want when you want (Waterline in inches 197”)

Solace 16LT:  
Though designed for smaller paddlers (5’ to 5’10”, men’s shoe size to 10) 6 footers also enjoy the speed and stability of this hull.  The Solace 16LT is sleek, fast and features a low sheer height. Max. load 270 lbs. (Waterline in inches 181”)

Solace  16XL:  
A bigger deeper version of the S16LT  (5’2” to 6’3”, 235 lbs., men’s shoe size to 15) She handles great, tracks well and turns very well.  The Solace 16XL can carry large loads and is beautiful and sleek. Max. load 320 lbs. (Waterline in inches 184”)

Solace  16EX  If speed is your thing the Solace 16EX is your boat. Amazing stability for a boat with a 22” beam. (5’ to 6’ 4”, men’s shoe size to 15) Max. load 250 lbs. (Waterline in inches 184”)  Length overall is 16’.  Building time is around 95 hours.  

Solace  17EX  If speed is your thing the Solace 17EX is your boat. Amazing stability for a boat with a 22” beam. (5’1” to 6’ 7”, men’s shoe size to 16) Max. load 325 lbs. (Waterline in inches 198 ½”)  Length overall is 17’3”.  Building time is just over 100 hours.

Solace  18EX  If speed is your thing the Solace 18EX is your boat. Amazing stability for a boat with a 22” beam. (5’4” to 6’10”, men’s shoe size to 17) Max. load 350 lbs. (Waterline in inches 208”)

Solace  18XL:  
If you like big boats you’ll love this one (5’4” to 6’10”, men’s shoe size to 17) ? She’s a Solace so performance is assured. Max. load 380 lbs. (Waterline in inches 208”)

Duet 16:  A good choice for those who want diversity.  The D16 can be paddled as a double or a single.  It has similar characteristics to those of a canoe, with greater hull speed and stability.  Larger paddlers can easily remove the front seat in order to comfortably step in or out, and have loads of leg room/carrying capacity. Max. load 420 lbs.(Waterline in inches 185”)

Trillium 21:  
Designed with those in mind who want a very light, sleek, and beautiful craft.  Can be paddled as a double, triple or solo with all the room needed to bring along the kids or the dog. Max. load 650 lbs.(Waterline in inches 237.5”)


Explorer 16:  
With a huge payload of 700 lbs. this is a great all-round canoe.  There is room for the whole family, or load all your camping gear and just go.  The explorer also paddles beautifully solo.  She is a high volume, very stable boat that is maneuverable enough for those looking for a river adventure.(Waterline in inches 178.5”)

North lakes 19:  
One of the most efficient freighter canoes ever made. (Waterline in inches 223”)


What size/type boat will I need?

Note: The size of boat is often determined by the size of the paddler. A larger paddler requires more volume to support their weight. Volume is increased by making the hull wider and/or longer. The most efficient way to increase volume is to increase the length. A long narrow hull moves easier and faster than a short wide hull. If you plan to paddle extended trips on large bodies of water or the ocean, you will want a longer kayak. You get better glide (the distance the boat will coast with a single stroke of the paddle) from a boat with a longer waterline